Don Giovanni Opera Australia Review

Rigoletto is wonderful and so is Otello.
Turandot is superlative, and The Marriage of Figaro made me fall in love with opera, but Don Giovanni is still my favourite.

I haven’t read any reviews yet, and I suspect that this Don Giovanni will divide audiences.

I adored the OA 20 year old production with crashing columns and musicians on stage, so for me this had a lot to live up to.
It was like falling in love all over again.

A beautiful aria here. Then delicious counterpoint there. and so many many layers.

For me the production was like watching a black and white film, with a little hand colouration. Some of the audience were overheard saying that they ‘couldn’t see the photos it was so dark…”

I love Teddy TR in this role, but I’m sure all the ladies, and quite a few of the men will certainly wish they got to see a little more flesh!

I simply adore Tamsin Fiebig as Zerlina. And the rest of the cast are really great particularly the Commendatore played by Jud Arthur.

But most of all I love the story. And the man that serves the story so well with his music, Herr Mozart.
We are NOT worthy (yet!)

Until next time,